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Chengdu Haitong Axle Co., Ltd.

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Chengdu Haitong Axle Co., one of the subsidiaries invested and constructed by Qingdao Haitong Group in Xindu in October 2003. Its main products are front, middle and rear axle assemblies of trucks. It is the Chengdu branch of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. An important supporting manufacturer. In 2010, Chengdu Haitong produced 30,000 sets of axle assemblies per year, realizing profits and taxes of 27.8 million yuan. With the deepening of the western development, FAW Jiefang Group decided to invest in the Xindu District to build a production base with an annual output of 150,000 light, medium and heavy trucks. As a supporting manufacturer, our company relies on the strong financial, material and technology of the group company. Supported the expansion of a modern factory project covering an area of ​​120 acres with an investment of 260 million yuan in the East District of Xindu Industrial in 2011, including an equipment investment of 20 million yuan, the construction of two highly automated front and rear axle assembly lines and painting There is one line, and the annual output of axle assemblies has been increased from 30,000 sets to 150,000 sets of axle assemblies.
Haitong takes the relocation of the new site as a platform to take off and implements the second business venture; Haitong people adhere to the enterprise spirit of "Honesty and Carrying Things", and strive to build "Haitong", the purpose of making China's best "vehicle bridge" and insisting on "learning" Haitong, innovative Haitong, brand Haitong, harmonious Haitong" corporate philosophy, make Haitong bigger and stronger, and make new contributions to the development of China's auto industry.

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