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Qingdao Haitong Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has three holding subsidiaries: Qingdao Haitong Axle Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haitong Brake Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Haitong Axle Co., Ltd. The group company is located in the north of Licang District, bordering Chengyang District, at No. 7A, Ruijin Road. It is a professional auto parts manufacturer and a backbone auto parts company in Shandong Province. Qingdao Haitong Axle Co., Ltd. was registered trademark has been recognized as a famous brand in China, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, a "specialized, special and innovative" enterprise in Qingdao, and has passed the automotive industry quality  IATF16949  system certification.
The company is a professional manufacturer of axle assemblies for light, medium and heavy trucks. The company mainly supplies famous domestic and foreign OEMs such as FAW Jiefang, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Poclain of France, etc., and has the first-class axle assemblies in the country. Assembly line, painting line, brake and self-adjusting assembly assembly line, axle housing, front axle, steering knuckle, brake drum assembly processing line, SMC cab high roof and accessory production line, etc., annual production capacity of 480,000 axles , 1.68 million sets of brake assemblies, 100,000 sets of SMC cab high roofs, and 200,000 sets of accessories.
Haitong people adhere to the corporate spirit of "having great virtues" and strive to create the concepts of "Haitong, to manufacture the best axles in China" and "learn from Haitong, innovate Haitong, brand Haitong, and harmonious Haitong" to make Haitong stronger and better. Big, make new contributions to China's automobile development!


Chairman's Speech

I admire Zhang Ruimin's "Haier is the sea": "Haier should be like the sea, only the sea can embrace the rivers with a broad mind and not abandon the trickle; it can hold dirt and turn into clear water." To become "Haier that is the sea" is Many companies are dreams of many entrepreneurs. People in Haitong should also use water as a mirror to do nothing but do nothing.
Haitong has been established for nearly 20 years. As a company name, Haitong has been well understood by the cadres and employees as well as the social industry. The sea has the meaning of broad, large and extensive, broad-minded, and magnificent; connected, accessible, honesty, and courageous, extending in all directions. Over the past decade or so, Haitong people have stepped in step by step, starting from a serious loss-making enterprise in the axle industry in one fell swoop, achieving rapid development. The development of Haitong is inseparable from the efforts of cadres and employees, and it is also inseparable from the development of the automobile market; then, the development of Haitong should be said to have just started Haitong is just a small wave of the sea.
If you want to say that Haitong has been gratifying in the process of entrepreneurship in the past few years, that is Haitong culture. The philosophical thinking of "being a human being beforehand", the enterprise spirit of "being virtuous", and the goal of "Haitong, to make China's best axles", strive to build "learning Haitong, innovating Haitong, brand Haitong, and harmonious Haitong" The philosophy of Haitong all inspires Haitong people to work hard and forge ahead.
What is the core competitiveness of Haitong? Some people say it’s technological innovation, some say it’s branding, and some say it’s human resources. After nearly two decades of entrepreneurship, looking back and looking carefully, it is not difficult to find that the true core competitiveness of our Haitong should be the company's brand and culture. Only with an excellent corporate culture and a strategy to make the axle business specialize and become stronger and bigger can Haitong continue to develop.
To see the sea is the sea, it is to ask the people of Haitong to jump out of the sea Haitong.
Standing on the new platform, we start our new business, keep learning and enterprising, and use our wisdom and hands to build Xinhaitong.
Yes, looking at the sea is the sea, you should look into the depths. If you jump out of the sea to see the sea, you will feel a sense of vain.

Chairman of Qingdao Haitong Machinery Group
Zhang Jianhua


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